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Critical Access

The Critical Access Hospital Program was created by the 1997 federal Balanced Budget Act as a safety net device, to assure Medicare beneficiaries in rural areas access to health care services. It was designed to allow more flexible staffing options relative to community need, simplify billing methods and create incentives to develop local integrated health delivery systems, including acute, primary, emergency and long-term care.

Critical Access designation may be beneficial to community hospitals in certain geographic locations. When determining whether to pursue Critical Access status for a hospital, Preferred Management begins a thorough financial review to determine if the designation would be beneficial to the hospital given the hospital's ongoing operations. Preferred Management then advises the Board of Directors about its findings. Based on the decision of the board to proceed, Preferred Management oversees the designation process, from start to finish, including ongoing management of the Critical Access business operations.

A leader in Critical Access Hospital management, Preferred Management has been working with Critical Access Hospitals since the designation was created in the late 1990s. In fact, Preferred Management managed the first hospital in Texas to receive such a designation, taking the hospital from the point of application, through the development and implementation of Critical Access status, and to management and constant evaluation of the status.

With several years of experience in Critical Access Hospital designations, Preferred Management Corporation is a leading resource to boards who are interested in management companies with expertise in Critical Access Hospitals.