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Rural Health Clinic Development and Management

A critical component of Preferred's success is its ability to stabilize the local medical staff and recruit needed additional physicians and mid-level practitioners to the local community. One mechanism that has proven beneficial to provider recruitment and retention has been the Rural Health Clinic. Federally designated Rural Health Clinics operate under a separate set of governmental rules and regulations and offer some latitude for personnel, particularly difficut to recruit personnel, in certain situations. Preferred Management has extensive experience in the development and operations of Rural Health Clinics and can help a community to determine if a Rural Health Clinic status is appropriate for a community. Preferred can also assist with the specialized management needs of Rural Health Clinics, including: implementing policies and procedures, conducting ongoing evaluations, staff education, preparation for on site surveys by agencies governing rural health clinics.

In addition, our experienced staff provides reports to the boards of each Rural Health Clinics and offers recommendations to ensure that, if implemented, the Rural Health Clinic operates in a manner that is beneficial to the community and hospital.